Hi, I'm Torrance!

I help product based businesses grow + scale
(you’re going to need a lot more shipping boxes)

Tips for growing your product-based business

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Welcome! Whether you’re just thinking about launching your ecommerce day-dream, or you’ve taken the leap and want to level up, I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m an Air Force veteran, boy mom, podcast junkie and a big fan of checklists (must. check. all. the. boxes!). I’m also the founder of Teak & Twine, a corporate gifting company, where it’s actually my job to taste test chocolate bars and discover incredible products! I usually have packing tape stuck to my pants and just a leeetle bit of crinkle paper in my hair.

I want to be the resource that I wish I’d had when I started this amazing journey- a place to learn how to reach out to wholesalers, which products to choose, how to price, how to land those first few customers, how to gain traction with corporate clients, how to ride the holiday-season dragon, and how the heck shipping works.

Let’s get to the good stuff

Resources to Grow and Scale your Business

Defining Your Niche Market

Identifying your ideal customer is one of the best things you can do for your business!

Getting Into a Sales Mindset

Why getting comfortable with rejections is good for sales.

Growing Your Team With Intention

My best hiring advice for small businesses looking to grow.

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