Hi there, Gift Box Babe!

Are you ready to launch, grow and scale your gift box business? (It’s just as fun as it sounds)

Hi Gift Box Babe!

Are you ready to launch + grow your gift box business?
(It’s just as fun as it sounds)

5 Website must-haves to attract Corporate Clients
These are my five favorite website tweaks to turn “just browsing for ideas” visitors into “let’s do this!” corporate clients.

Knock knock! Hi, it’s me, Torrance! Your business bestie! 

I heard you needed help so I just came on over with a six pack of the hoppiest beer I could find and some Taco Bamba. I love excel spreadsheets and numbers and sales and corporate strategy and marketing and analytics (yep, I’m weird like that!).

My hair is in a messy bun and I curse a little bit but I’m crazy optimistic and your biggest cheerleader ever! I want more women making more gifts and writing more checks with more zeros. Now let’s sit down together and figure this thing out!

You + Me =

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Let’s get to the good stuff

Resources to Launch and Grow your Gift Box Business

100 Rejections
My most popular post ever

Our First Client Ever!

How to book those first few clients (and make sure they are the right ones)
Buying Inventory

My complete guide to ordering and testing inventory before and after you’ve launched.

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