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Defining Your Niche Market

Identifying your ideal customer is one of the best things you can do for your business!

Getting Into a Sales Mindset

Why getting comfortable with rejections is good for sales.

Growing Your Team With Intention

My best hiring advice for small businesses looking to grow.

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My tried-and-true tips for working with a professional photographer for the first time or simly to make your own photo shoots more efficient and more productive.

There are so many strategies that can turn a so-so website into an amazing one. But if you sell products, there are four things that you absolutely need to have on your website! 

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This monthly membership is my very best effort to create utopia for product-based businesses. I strive to make it the BEST place ever, with access to a library of resources, expert interviews, live Q&As with me and an opportunity to connect with your fellow entrepreneurs who are CRUSHING IT. And it’s only $37 per month!


Next-Level Resource!

The Crushing Community is my very best effort to create utopia for product based  businesses. I want to make it the BEST place ever: with access to a library of resources + courses, plus:

  • Coaching sessions with public relations pros, my personal business coach, copywriters, photographers, marketers, ad specialists, product-based business owners and designers- so we can crowdsource resources and bring in big-ticket experts to teach us all
  • A private Facebook group to house all of this, because the best part of this group is the people in it
  • A budget friendly place to start your journey as a product-based-business and get answers to the “where do I start?” question
  • A continually updated library of resources on our private Facebook page
  • A framework inspired by the Entrepreneurial Operating System, dedicated to eliminating overwhelm and giving you serious traction in your business- so that you can not only get all of this great info, but also have a clear path forward to achieving your goals
  • My goal is to create a community FOR and WITH the most incredible, hard-working, inspiring and uplifting entrepreneurs in the world- ehem- YOU!

The greatest place on the internet just got even better 🙂

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