I teach one thing:

how to launch a gift box business that is
fun and profitable

gift box babes 101

Your goal: Take this gifting thing from day-dreaming to day-doing (and actually pay yourself, like, real money!) The total scoop on identifying your niche, designing beautiful and profitable gifts, and the most common mistakes to avoid. Let’s launch!
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crushing corporate

Your goal: Book + retain big-time corporate gifting clients (and score some big-time bank account boosts!)

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Your goal: You know that in the gifting world, Christmas is the equivalent of the Olympics and the Super Bowl in one, and you want to make this holiday season your most sane, most profitable, and most amazing ever.

I’m so excited to Crush Christmas with you this year! Doors are always open!

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rocking retail

Your goal: To wholesale your products and land life-changing, big-paying partnerships with brands like CB2 and Anthropologie. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a great line sheet, how to price your products for wholesale or how to talk to buyers, you’re going to love this course! 

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crushing community

Your goal: You want to take a deep dive into topics that matter to your business and be surrounded by a community of fellow small-business owners. Join my monthly membership for coaching, interviews with experts, and exclusive resources for launching, growing and seriously crushing your goals!

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