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No doubt about it: there is something special about gift box babes  and product people. You know who you are: the ones who are obsessed with product development, have stacks of shipping boxes in your garage and stay up late tweaking your website again and again.

You are dedicated, hardworking and full of an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit—a spirit I fully recognize and relate to! I’m a product person, too, after all.

I’ve always been drawn to quality products in beautiful packaging. It’s part of what inspired me to start Teak & Twine, a custom gift box company. And it’s in that business that I honed my craft, developing product lines, working with some of the most incredible artisans & makers, designing packaging, and learning the ins and outs of running a 7-figure product business.

But gift boxes were just the beginning…

Then I met someone who changed everything


You connected with me through Instagram comments, DMs and e-mails. And when I created an email list on a whim, you showed up (with bells on!). You asked for advice and resources and courses, so you, too, could build your product business and a life you’ve always dreamed of.

When we launched our first course, I was hoping for 10 students. More than 80 of you showed up, and it was the most incredible experience! Since then, you’ve continued to ask for more, and it’s been a privilege to help guide you on your business journey.

With every course we launch, you join us with an unparalleled enthusiasm, thirst for learning and commitment to growth that’s truly inspiring. You are the fuel behind what we do, and I’m so honored you’re here!


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