I'm Torrance!

I'm on a mission to help women launch and grow their product-based businesses.


my story

Six years ago I was sitting at a desk wearing an Air Force uniform.

My job was the coolest adventure, but… in moments of downtime, my fingers would just keep finding their way to websites that profiled entrepreneurs and studio tours. It wasn’t long before I started having that magical thought that has launched a million businesses: “why not me?”

5 years and 40,000 gift boxes later, I can tell you that making gift boxes for a living is just as fun as it looks on Instagram. We’ve worked with dream clients like Microsoft, Facebook, Pinterest, and ESPN, and our gifts have been sent to royalty, CEOs, Oprah, and Shark Tank members. Best of all, I spend my mornings playing trains with my boys and I still make it home in time to make forts before dinner.

Yep, I thought that I had this thing pretty well figured out.

Then I met someone who changed everything


You connected with me through instagram comments, DMs, and emails, and when I created an email list on a whim, you showed up (with bells on!) You asked me to create a Gift Box Babes Facebook page, and it was instantly the most helpful, kind, and welcoming place on the internet. When we launched our first course, I was hoping for 10 students. Over 80 of you showed up, and it was the most incredible group I’ve been a part of.

There’s no way around it: there’s something really special about product people. Maybe it’s because we’re all givers at heart, so that when we get together, magic happens. It’s been an honor to found this beautiful community, and I can’t wait to see what we do together in 2020!


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I teach one thing: how to launch and grow your product-based business- Crushing Corporate launches 14 July!

Gift Box Babes

If you want to launch your own gifting specific business, start here: it’s six years of hard-won training packed into 50 minutes!

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