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A membership for gift box business owners, supporting each other and leveling up their business in a serious way. Looking for an incredible group of fellow entrepreneurs who all speak the same language of crinkle paper, mock ups, inventory, Shopify, wholesalers and corporate clients? I’m so glad you’re here!

Do you run a gift box business? 

Your Life Just got a Whole Lot Easier

(And way more fun!)

The Crushing Community is a group of gift box babes who are serious about crushing our goals and making things happen

Before I dive into the details of what’s included in this membership, let’s talk about who it’s for:

If you run a gift box business, your life just got a whole lot easier (and way more fun!)

Whether you’re:
You’re in the right place! If you run a gift box business or a product-based business with a gifting element, the Crushing Community is about to get a well-deserved spot on your “always open” internet tabs

what people are saying

Torrance is amazing – there is no other way to put it. Since working with her, I’ve had a 660% growth in sales and hired my first employee.
Chloe Johnson
Little Koha, New Zealand

here's what's included

inside The Crushing Community:

Who am I?

Yes, it IS possible to create a gift box business that is full-time, as fun as you’ve hoped, and crazy-profitable. YOU can do it- and the Crushing Community can help!

Who am I?

Just picture me sliding into the frame with a roll of shipping tape in one hand and a leeetle bit of crinkle paper stuck to my pants.

I’m Torrance, founder of Teak & Twine, mom to 2 little boys, wife to the sweetest husband, Air Force veteran and obsessed with killer packaging and all things small business.

My mission

is to pass on the lessons I've learned so that I can help other product-based business owners create a successful, profitable business-- you know, one where you're paying YOURSELF, not just making sales 😉

My specialty is savvy meets scrappy- and helping creative entrepreneurs create businesses that punch above their weight class !

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what people are saying

I have never been part of a group like this, but I know the chemistry here is rare and special. The community here is beyond amazing: supportive, smart, engaged and thoughtful. It’s truly about community over competition.


Want to peek behind the curtain?

Members ask some great questions (and get great conversations started, not crickets!)

They share tips & strategies that are working:

They even share referrals for big orders!

Included in your membership:


Live Q&As with me

This is YOUR time to get specific answers to your business questions. Your membership includes 2 group Q&As per month… and I LOVE diving into all of your questions!

product photo shoot tip

Special guests + access to outside experts.

Learn Profit First accounting from a friend of Mike Micalowitz, product photography tips from a professional, Public Relations from a PR agency owner and SEO from the best in the biz. Talking to any of these pros costs hundreds of dollars an hour- but it’s all included!

Best of all:

Asking a question and getting immediate answers, exact wording, and “here’s what works for me” stories from other six- and seven-figure gift box business owners? Now that’s priceless.

what people are saying

Lots of really helpful tips and practical steps in the Crushing Community group… I’ve been doing corporate gifts for 4 years now, and wish I had the resources that Torrance is sharing. Would’ve saved a lot of time and money. I highly reccomend you check it out. 


what people are saying


my story

a note from me

No doubt about it, there is something special about Gift Box Babes. Maybe it’s because we’re all naturally drawn to gifting and gratitude, but I’ve heard dozens of times how special and unique this group is in the world of entrepreneurship and memberships- it’s the most generous, welcoming and kind place on the internet.

I mean think about it- on paper we’re all competitors, right? We’re all growing 5-, 6- and 7- figure gifting businesses: why on earth would we all be hanging out in this private Facebook group, sharing strategies, stories and even clients?! It’s a little bit bonkers and a little bit magic- and it’s because we can all see that we’re all better for having each other.

In fact, we’d be even better if we had you.

Join us GBB! We can’t wait to help you crush your goals!

xx, Torrance and the Crushing Community

Join The Crushing Community today!
(try it out for 7 days completely free!)
two months free when you sign up for a year!