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Your goal: Take this gifting thing from day-dreaming to day-doing (and actually pay yourself, like, real money!) The total scoop on identifying your niche, designing beautiful and profitable gifts, and the most common mistakes to avoid. Let’s launch! Doors Open!

Yay! You're so close to getting the scoop on how to start a gifting business that is profitable

(And way more fun!)

In this course you’ll learn:

what people are saying

Torrance is amazing – there is no other way to put it. Since working with her, I’ve had a 660% growth in sales and hired my first employee.
Chloe Johnson
Little Koha, New Zealand

People always ask me:

Is running a gift box business seriously as fun as it looks?

Yes! But it’s also a ton of work! Starting any business (and especially a product-based business!) takes time and resources. If you’re ready to take your gifting side-hustle to the next level, you’re in the right place!

I’ve figured out exactly what it takes.

I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned over the past six years and all the questions I’ve been asked in more than 100 consulting sessions with other gift box babes and wrapped it all up in this course!

Wondering where to start with your gift box business?

I’ve got you covered! I created this course especially for you– it’s full of all the things I wish I’d known when I started Teak & Twine!

From finding your niche to staying scrappy, GBB 101 will help save you time, money and stress, as you get your gift box business off the ground.

Are you ready to take your gifting business to the next level and become an official Gift Box Babe?

I can’t wait to see you in GBB101 and cheer you on every step of the way! Let’s do this together!

Who am I?

Yes, it IS possible to create a gift box business that is full time, as fun as you’ve hoped, and crazy profitable. YOU can do it- and I’m here to help!

Who am I?

Just picture me sliding into the frame with a roll of shipping tape in one hand and a leeetle bit of crinkle paper stuck to my pants.

I’m Torrance, founder of Teak & Twine, mom to 2 little boys, wife to the sweetest husband, Air Force veteran and obsessed with killer packaging and all things small business.


My mission is to

pass on the lessons I've learned so that I can help other product-based business owners create a successful, profitable business-- you know, one where you're paying YOURSELF, not just making sales

My specialty is savvy meets scrappy- and helping creative entrepreneurs create businesses that punch above their weight class

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