Time to jazz up your out-of-office email!

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It’s summertime, so I’m getting a lot of out-of-office messages (that’s awesome!!), and while most are the standard “I’m out until XYZ, please contact ABC,” occasionally, I get a really great one! 

I read a joke on the internet recently that a European out of office goes something like:

“I’m camping with my family this August- see you in September!”

While an American out of office goes something like:

“I’m out of the office today, so my response might be just a tiiiiny bit delayed.”


In addition to setting some good old-fashioned boundaries with your out-of-office, it’s also a great opportunity to let some personality show through. My team recently couldn’t get enough out of sharing an OOO we received that said that after helping their team “kick serious butt” during the first half of the year, they were “tearing themselves away from Slack” and “getting up the courage to turn off notifications.” I love this! So relatable! So fun!

This summer, I took a whole week off (!!!!) to travel to San Diego with my family, and it was awesome! Of course I couldn’t leave without writing my own out-of-office email.

So, I leave you with what I came up with…and perhaps some inspiration to jazz up your own! 🙂

Hi there!

Thank you so much for your message! I’m excited to say that I’m enjoying a beach and taco-filled week with my family in lovely San Diego 🙂

I read recently that 57% of business owners like me never take a vacation, and of those that do, 67% of them are still sneakily (or not so sneakily) working while they are away. I’m determined to be in that 14% remaining sliver- so I’ll be deleting the Mail and Slack apps on my phone (gasp!) to focus on my (truly terrible) sand-castle-making and (semi-decent) paddle-boarding skills.

The reason I can do this and not have a heart attack is because the Teak & Twine team is amazing- I’m the luckiest ever to call them teammates!!

  • If you’re one of our awesome clients, jessica@teakandtwine.com is going to take great care of you, and be sure to ask her for European travel tips
  • If you have a question about your order, our DO katie@teakandtwine.com is ready to help (while she trains for a marathon!!)
  • If you’re a kick-butt student of mine, the brilliant Christina -> support@teakandtwine.com is the GOAT of course support + is the best writer I know

  • If you have a fun marketing idea, or just want to tell us how witty we are on LinkedIn, lisa@teakandtwine.com will be receiving and distributing all compliments

I’ll be PUMPED to return on the 9th of August, ready to start preparing for what is going to be the most epic Q4 of all time.

Talk soon!


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