The five words guaranteed to make you money

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What is one thing that baffles you to no end? Is there something that you just can’t wrap your head around, no matter how hard you try?

Here’s mine: saying “no” to an order.

At Teak & Twine, every once in a while we’ll reach out to a vendor with a really big order. An order that we’re so giddy to place because we think it could potentially be life-changing for that vendor (maybe it even feels life-changing to us!).

We expect the vendor to be equally excited for such a high-volume, high-paying order. But then they reply to our email and say, “Oh I’m sorry. We can’t do it.”

They just say no. 🤯  Usually it’s because the exact sku we asked for wasn’t available or maybe because the shipping timeline is tricky and they’d have to jump through a few hoops to make it happen. But still… “no”?!? This totally boggles my mind!

Enter the simple sentence that is guaranteed to make you money: “What I can do is…”

These five words have made me more money than any other words in my six years of business. And they’re the five words I LOVE hearing more than anything from the vendors we work with!

For example, when we place a potentially challenging order with a vendor, the best of the best will come back to us with solutions. Maybe they can’t ship the entire order all at once but they offer to ship it in stages. Or maybe a particular candle scent/cookie flavor/item color truly isn’t available– they’ll suggest a different but similar item that they can fulfill.

Amazing! We’re usually flexible and are suuuuper grateful for the alternative!!

Same goes with our clients, when we have to offer them similar alternatives.

My advice? When someone is practically dropping money in your lap, always figure out a way to say, “yes.” Get creative, if you have to! Think outside of the box! You can do it!

It will endlessly delight your clients. It will make you money. And it will keep the orders coming time and time again.

Give it a try, then let me know how it goes? I bet you’ll get the order 99% of the time!


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