We're moving! (Part 2)

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Demolition on Teak & Twine’s new space is done and construction is underway! It won’t be long before we can move into our new studio!

A few weeks ago, I shared a before look at our new warehouse. You may recall our soon-to-be new space was formerly a doctor’s office, complete with long halls of exam rooms, a built-in nurses’ station and loads of old medical equipment lining the walls. Several days into demolition, I’m pleased to say it doesn’t look like a doctor’s office anymore!

While the space isn’t quite gleaming and beautiful just yet, it’s been so exciting to see the transformation beginning!

Where walls used to stand, sunlight now streams through. The old blood pressure machines finally made it to the dumpster. And my first ever office is starting to take shape (seriously, I’ve never had my own office, and I’m so excited!)!

It still feels like a dream to be customizing this space especially for Teak & Twine!

When I started this business six years ago, I was working out of a spare room in my house (after I got home every night from my “real” job!), while also renting out my guest bedroom on Airbnb to help cover my startup costs. It wasn’t glamorous– and my workspace, while perfectly suitable at the time, certainly wasn’t scalable. (But it was scrappy!!)

Our new space will be designed especially to meet Teak & Twine’s needs, from the wide open production area and heavy duty storage racks to the garage door and custom lift gate, so we can roll palletized shipments right on in without a second thought. 

I’ll continue to keep you updated as construction continues, and I can’t wait to show you the final reveal in a couple months. 🙂


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